Anita Hagan

Anita Hagan lives in Beverly Beach, Maryland in a small cottage on the Chesapeake Bay. She has worked in the medium of linoleum block printing for over 35 years and has developed the unique technique of printing black ink over acrylic paint. Anita's work employs heavy carved textures, expressive patterning and vigorous line work - inherent in the art of block printing. She is most inspired by the natural world and human portraiture, and soon will introducing a series of large portraits 15 years in the making - The One World Project.

Ms. Hagan’s work can be found in private collections across the United States and as the featured artist on the cover of the arts magazine “UpStart” and other publications. In 2018, she was invited to print and display her large 40" x 55" print "Myth of Freedom" at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.