While we are all practicing social distancing, The Lab classes are on hold. If you are interested in hearing more about art classes for the future, please contact us

Chalk Landscape Inspired by Claire West

ages 5-10

Sat. May 30th, 2-3:30pm

Cost per artist: $25

Students will look at landscapes by Claire West as inspiration. This workshop will teach kids about foreground, middle ground & background and also how to give the illusion of distance. They will have fun blending and blurring the chalk pastels using liquid starch!

Clay Bird

ages 5-10

Mon. April 6th, 5-6:30pm

or Sat. April 18th, 1-2:30pm

Cost per artist: $25

If you are a bird lover you will love this workshop. Students will review clay hand building & painting techniques to create their very own bird. 

Watercolor + Ink Illustration

ages 11-15

Sat. March 28th 1-3:00pm

or Tues. May 12th 5-7:00pm

Cost per artist: $30

Using watercolors and pen and ink together is a recipe for success. Students will choose to lay down the watercolors first and then come in and add details or sketch your drawing and then add splashes of watercolor. The mediums complement each other & the results are beautiful!

Sandra Silberzwerg Selfie on foil

ages 5-10

Thurs. March 12th 5-6:30pm

Cost per artist: $25

Students will be introduced to the artist Sandra Silberzweig & her fantastically colorful works of art. Kids will love the process of creating their abstract selfies on foil in this un, abstract workshop.