Nicole Rooney

Based out of Shady Side, I have enjoyed being part of the South County art world the past several years. In addition to being a member of our Soco Arts Lab since 2019, I have also been a member of the Muddy Creek Artist Guild since 2012. Prior to this, I studied art and took several art classes at University of Maryland before moving on to baking and pastry school. In my professional career, I use my artistic talents to bake and decorate cakes and in my free time, I enjoy painting or spending time with my family. 


The medium I work with most is acrylic on canvas. However, I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, using various textures and materials to create unique pieces. My paintings are characterized by their vibrant colors and abstract style. The inspiration for the colors I use is based on how I am feeling in the moment. Often times, a painting may start out with entirely different colors than what the end result is. 


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