Ruth Bailey.  Jack Brumbaugh.  Jeannie Egan.  Cary Eure.  Anita Ewing.  Kim Jones.    Elizabeth Kendall.  Micki Kirk.  Eddie Lavin.  Yang-Ja Lee-Wickner.   Nancy Oliver.  Lora Moran-Collins.  Nicole Rooney.  Terese Schlachter. Janet Sonnichsen.  Sydney Williams.

Ruth Bailey

Jack Brumbaugh

Jeannie Egan

Cary Eure

Anita Ewing

Kim Jones

Light and shadow, volume and line..collaborating with opposites, I create puzzles, tell stories, and spark ideas.

Eddie Lavin

Micki Kirk

Lora Moran-Collins

Nancy Oliver

Nicole Rooney

Terese Schlachter

Janet Sonnichsen

In addition to my love of painting, as a lifelong Marylander, I am also a die hard Redskins fan! 

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